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Over the last several years, Vertical Adventures has provided thousands of individuals their first taste of climbing. Every year this public demand grows as more people hear about our programs. We have developed a variety of school program options for you to choose from.

Below you will find a prices for the 2009/2010 school year. Each student will be required to have a waiver form signed by one of their parents or a legal guardian, a helmet (if under 14), and a clean pair of runners (student can rent shoes for an additional $3).  If you have any questions or would like to book a program, please feel free to contact us.

2Hr Rock Climbing Session
During this two hour session students will learn how to put on their own harness, how to use the auto-belays and how to climb and boulder efficiently under the watchful eye of our group leaders.  The skills learned during this sessions can be applied should the students decide to revisit the facility.
$10 per student (tax incl)

3Hr Belaying Course
This three hour course is designed to teach all the elements necessary for students to be safe and fully independent in our facility. Students will learn hot to correctly identify areas of the harness as well as how to correctly put it on, required knots, safety checks, communications and proper belay technique.  Our trained instructors will be onsite to esure the safety of all the participants as well as to answer and questions they may have.  The skill learned in this course can be applied in any climbing facility.
$30 per student (tax Incl)
Recommended for high school students only

4Hr Discovery Session
This four hour course is quite similar to the 3 hour Belaying Course only students will have additional practice time to perfect their skills.  Additionally we provide the opportunity for students to learn to either prussic or rappelle.
$40 per student (Tax Incl)
Recommended for high school students only

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Corporate Programs

Going to the gym to work out can feel like torture in the middle of January when you have "just 10 more minutes to go on the treadmill."

Exercise should be fun, instead of a punishment to endure. So many have turned to alternative forms of exercise. Every year more and more discover the benefits of wall climbing as a stress reliever and a builder of strength and endurance.

No you don't have to be built like Stalone to climb. If you can climb ladders, you can climb walls. The strength to get you up the wall is not in your arms but is actually in your legs. Do you pull yourself up a ladder? The attraction of climbing is that you are only competing against yourself and no one else. You have to confront your perceived limitations and push push past them to find your true potential. For some this is getting 5 feet off the ground, for others it's scaling Everest. Whatever your skill level, you are extremely safe with the harness and rope set up. The perceived danger is far greater than the actual danger. The most common injury is a bruised ego.

Climbing is also a sport where women can excel. With their lighter weight, increased flexibility and better sense of balance, they are initially better technical climbers than men. Men make up for this disadvantage with brute strength but they find themselves having to emulate the women to improve their skills.

We will also create custom design a program for your company. Please call us at 204-632-5001 for more information.

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