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First Visit? 
What you'll need:
 - A waiver signed by yourself (18 or older) or by a parent or guardian. You can do this ahead of time via the link below or when you come in.
- Comfortable clothing (shorts, sweats, leggings, etc.)
- Closed toe indoor shoes - if you're not renting climbing shoes.

If you are bringing minors to VA, please note that one or more adults is required to supervise them throughout their visit! No fee for those who are not participating.

Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with an introduction covering our safety protocols, how to safely use the equipment, and where to start. This is a mandatory introduction that all new participants must attend. 

Things you don't need:
- Previous climbing experience
- A belayer or a belay certificate (we have 3
 auto belays in the facility - this allows you to climb our tallest walls safely without needing a partner, as well as plenty of bouldering routes).
- Your own climbing gear. You are welcome to bring your own gear if you have, but if you don't have your own we have rental equipment available.

Want more structured instruction?
Check out our courses page for our next available beginner course!


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