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Rec Climbing


Our recreational climbing teams are dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for youth to thrive and develop passion for enjoying movement and climbing.

Climbing is a sport that offers opportunities for both physical and mental growth. It also has a unique dynamic of being an individual sport, but with a cooperative aspect involving your climbing community of friends, teammates, and instructors.

Participants of any skill, experience, or background are welcome! Our instructors are committed to inspiring an atmosphere of respect and kindness, and encouraging each climber in developing physically: strength, flexibility, body awareness, climbing technique, as well as mentally: setting goals, problem-solving, resilience, and stretching your comfort zone. Instructors will focus on managing risk and fear safely, challenging each climber at their level, and having fun!

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Courses / Events

Courses 2024
*to register or for more details, see below.
ec Climbing: Ages 7 - 9 ~ more info coming soon

Rec Climbing: Ages 10 - 12 ~ more info coming soon
Intro to Climbing, every second Thursday
Intro to Belaying, every second Wednesday
Rec Climbing: Parent - Child ~ more info coming soon
Beginner Course - Mondays (starting dates: Apr 1, May 6, June 3)

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