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Over the years, Vertical Adventures has provided thousands of individuals their first taste of climbing! A group booking is generally up to 40 participants (let us know if you have questions about larger groups), and we welcome groups from schools, daycares, scouts, religious institutions, team building events, and more! We have developed a variety of session options for you to choose from.

Below you will find all prices for the 2023/2024 school year.


Each participant will be required to fill out a waiver form, signed by one of their parents or a legal guardian for minors, and adults can sign for themselves. Participants should also bring a clean pair of runners (or rent shoes for an additional $5). During the school year, we welcome daytime school group bookings (including mornings) by request - call or email to set it up!

Bookings should be made two weeks in advance to ensure appropriate staffing.


During this two hour session students will learn how to put on their own harness, how to use the auto-belays and how to climb and boulder efficiently under the watchful eye of our group leaders.  The skills learned during these sessions can be applied should the students decide to revisit the facility.

Price (includes harness rentals): $13 per student (plus tax), $20 per adult (plus tax)





2 Hour Climbing Session 

Student Belay Course

This course is designed to teach all the elements necessary for students to be safe and fully independent in our facility. Students will learn how to correctly identify areas of the harness as well as how to correctly put it on, required knots, safety checks, communications and proper belay technique.  Our trained instructors will be onsite to ensure the safety of all the participants as well as to answer any questions they may have.  The skills learned in this course can be applied in any climbing facility.


Price: $40 per student (plus tax)

For high school students only

Other booking options

Other events and collaborations are available, such as taking your phys.ed. class to VA for part of your semester! Please call or email us if you have any questions!


Call: 204-632-5001

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